We see people from what we were told?

Our impression of people who we meet for the first time is hugely impacted by the opinion of others. (especially person who introduce you to the new one)

for example, the person I was told that the person I was about to meet is a friendly and capable person. I then held that comment in my mind…

When i saw him, i had the expectation/perception of the capable person. Whether he is, or is not, none can tell. 

As for people who are not highly praised, I feel that they are normal (no comment) .. although it takes a long while to discover their other potentials or abilities that others may not have mentioned earlier.

We might as well, use our judgement faculty to some extend; however, we could not help being a little bit persuaded by what is said by others. Those tiny little voices would then shape our perception of what is to what is not.

However the self-hypnotisation cannot last long…

Because sooner or later our judgement faculty will work… 

when reality hits (or conflict of interest has occurred, initial expectation clashed) 

only then shall we break ourselves off the “initial impression which foundation has been impacted by others”.

it is quite unusual for us to question everything that we came into contact. Unfortunately, we would automatically behave as told or as per our initial expectation (what is expected)… It’s unfortunate but I have to admit that “we are too lazy to think”

Tell me what you think…

That, is my reflection of the day.

Whimsical sojourner.

PS. original photo by me. @kyoto


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