Being influenced…

Whenever there is a question about influence from other people…

“Do you permit other people to influence you?” led to the bad image of a certain character. being easily influenced. Although the question is vague, demanding you to answer yes or no. And my answer would be yes and no.

Being open-minded is that you are open for hearing and accepting other people perspectives into you,trying to understand, but whether you are changing your viewpoint or not is another story. Within this “trying to understand” process, there will be times when you question yourself if your opinion is still valid or up to date.

There are 2 kinds that I can come up as of now,

1. Influence of a new wave.

I believe that there is no such fix and universally truth except death (and tax lol). And especially for human factors, it changes over time. There are new trends coming, new way of doing things, new train of thoughts that requires you to be up to date. Being fixed to your way of things will make you no different than the dinosaurs. There is no recipe for everything and every generation. (there are many classic old teachings about human mind and determination that, I believe,  still stands up till now. But that is my opinion as of now)

To give one example from my humble point of view… My parent’s generation (Gen X) ideal life achievements are house, car, bachelor/master degree and possessions. You could say that one’s success could be measured in terms of how much assets they have. With all that happened (economic boom and falls) their generation has passed on a big impact on how Gen Y behaviour changes. We are the generation that seek satisfaction in life and dreams that are beyond possession of the assets which Gen X expects form us. (speaking in general) We travel more, we value the sense of community more, we do not possess the barrier of discrimination, we have become more of a global citizen in this rising digital age. (again, from my point of view)

To be stuck in what one thinks is best, especially for parents, could be suffocating the youths. Only if some of them could become more flexible and open minded to what we have to say. Understand us. and slowly accept for what we stand for, only then shall we achieve mutual understanding and strengths for both parties.

That, is one influence.

2. Influence of thoughts and logic

Ok this one is tricky… Being open-minded doesn’t mean that you can be easily influenced right? but you can’t help merging some part of other people thoughts into yours.

Are you easily influenced?

Transformation or influence? it’s grey. i do not know what should be the correct way of calling it but it makes us grow (up or down is a matter of your judgement) There are always someone above you, you do not have to try to get the best thought anyone can get because the measurement of awesomeness of those thoughts, comes from other people opinions. What matters the most is how you feel.

One critical thing I think could distinguish “influence from other people” in a bad way and a good way (my opinion) is during the thought process. When you are accepting other people’s thoughts, you should also take your value into account. your personal values are something one should not be compromised so easily. ( to what extend is another story) If those train of thoughts align with your view point, put it into your basket.

Widen your perspective with other people stories, expand your horizon from other’s eyes.

By accepting other people view points without your own stand point, change your directions frequently, follow the wagon effects could be somewhat implied from the above mentioned question.

Therefore, if you have your own values and view point and that you are trying to widen your perspective by filtering other people’s wisdom with careful thought process, being influenced is not a bad thing after all.


And that, my fellow sojourner (whoever comes here I’m calling you my fellow sojourners) concludes my thoughts for today, I am by no means a psychology student (i wish i were) if you know certain materials or anything please feel free to send me some message/feedback and please don’t use strong words like bullshit, I’m a delicate and sensitive person xD. And you know, I’m open to know your stories.

Whimsical Sojourner


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  1. I love this quote: “You want an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.” It’s important to be open to new information, especially about things that you find hard to hear about. But you don’t want people to be able to just put anything into your mind, you must carefully operate the gates of your mind. Be skeptical and open-minded.

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