The new me and a new blog.

Hello I’m Whimsical Sojourner and this is the end of my procrastination.

As a part of me that seeks self-improvement activities and as a part of another me that love to reflect, collect and share experiences and thoughts.

In every waking moment,

In every morning we get up,

The very path we walk,

Every meal we have,

Everyone we talk to,

All are but one story to be told, accumulated day by day. Those small moments we have both remembered and forgotten.

The new me. comes with a new blog.

A random blog indeed, just like me. As a part of writing practice, often times will I write something that is totally unrelated. I believe the first step to get used to writing is to write by your mind, whatever that comes into your mind. Let them be translated into words, beautiful or ugly, no one can tell but you. How do you feel reading them?

I shall pledge my resolution as a part of something greater.

As I embarked upon the journey into the land of … Sushi (rising sun, 暁 Akatsuki). For a 5-month Internship in Osaka (the weird town).

I have realised and reflected how I have been doing before arriving in Sushi land. I didn’t have my goal or plan for what I am going to do after graduation, the time lapse between my graduation date and Internship starting period was 6 months. Yes, I have been waiting that long. As for how I got my internship, I would like to write in another topic. (best regards to AIESEC).

Having no goal feels like a useless human being, life is pointless. No matter how happy looking or how much you enjoy life at that present moment, when all those activities quiet down. You will begin to question yourself, hard. What purpose am I build to achieve? Do I want it? How much I want it? Why I can keep telling other people that I want to do these and those, when in reality, it has never been my choice comparing to the temporary happiness I am getting. If you really want it, you will get it. Today or tomorrow.

But the problem is that I did not really want it. Is my mind so tough that I do not want anything? Am I having everything? Yes and No. Living with parents, I was pampered with everything from breakfast to transport (to train), health and just anything I want. They say if you do not want/need anything (variation in language), it means that they have raised you well. In Thailand, a Buddhist country, the general concept of “wanting or needing” something could be compared to being “glutton or greedy ” which is considered impure thoughts. Majority of us has been thought that “wanting something more” is a taboo. of course everyone says I need more money in a tone that If I have more money, that would be good.

Back to the point, I now refuse to turn back into my old ways. I now have a picture of what I want to do. I shall stay hungry for knowledge and adventure. And I pledge to follow thru my resolution as follows.

1 • I will keep consistency

-In my decision and action as well as finishing what I have started (decision made)

-I will keep being persistent until I get what I set out for.

2 • I will not be spontaneous to changing temptations or compromise with what I do not stand for.

3 • I will have self control over social media and medias that is not benefiting me outside of expected browsing time. That includes spending more than necessary.

4• I will make plans, schedule make goals and be as objective as possible.


As for the goal of writing here, I would like this place be where I keep a record of my thoughts and my journey both inner and outer. Let it be my gallery and my playground where everyone pay a visit, leave some thoughts or have some tea. Welcome.


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