A trip to Takeda castle ruins(竹田城跡)

Among the best attractions and favourite destinations in Japan are Japanese castles... There are countless castles throughout Japan; ones in it's full glory like Himeji castle (姫路城)in Hyogo or Matsumoto castle (松本城)in Nagano, etc., ones that I would call a "single tower" and ones in it's birth glory like Takeda Jō. If you like to... Continue Reading →

Being influenced…

Whenever there is a question about influence from other people... "Do you permit other people to influence you?" led to the bad image of a certain character. being easily influenced. Although the question is vague, demanding you to answer yes or no. And my answer would be yes and no. Being open-minded is that you are... Continue Reading →

In every minds there is a devil inside.

I am sure that majority of us can seem like good people, at least, no violence, no black lies, no stealing, etc. And I believe that the amount of "seems good" people is getting higher. Optimistically, we are more open and we are moving towards a more co-operative culture. However, it's only a facade, like... Continue Reading →

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